The wise use of time

The wise use of time

We all know that “Sunday night blues” feeling, when you start pondering on your to do list for the coming week. Often we get stuck on thoughts like “how will I find the TIME to get everything done? Have I managed my time efficiently to get the most out of the week ahead? Maybe I should just postpone a few meetings this week to catch up with last week’s work that I did not finish…”

Thoughts like these often lead to a backlog on your current work, unhappy clients, and a general feeling of being out of control.

So basically, we waste precious energy on crisis management instead of increasing the quantity and quality of our energy by CONCENTRATING. Concentrating on not spending time on things that does not matter in that specific moment. For example, on a Monday morning you know you need to hand in a statistics sheet for the previous weeks work. Many of us rush our Monday mornings by getting up early to get to the office earlier, in order to get the statistics sheet done. By 08:00am exhaustion sets in, as you had to compromise extra time with your family, maybe not even had the chance to greet your child, or forgot to pack lunches, as you normally would.

The point I’m trying to make is that we need to start managing our energy, not our time. This needs to be done by concentrating on what needs to get done when, in order to create less stress, and consequently being more productive and conscious.

What distracts us from managing our energy effectively and from concentrating on the wrong things at the wrong time?


1.  Bad Habits : Simple, small things takes up a lot of time…Do you ever find yourself spending time discussing telephonic conversations that took place with a specific client with a colleague? Trying to think what the client actually meant or how the situation could have been treated differently? Twenty – thirty precious minutes could be lost. Do you have “coffee drinking clients” that likes you so much that they will only agree to see you because they have become your friend more than a client? One hour gone out of your precious busy day. Do you see how bad habits guzzles up our precious time? By chatting with a colleague over a phone call that has already taken place, or sitting with a client that want to chat to you because they like you, you have already lost 90 precious minutes.


2.  Access to Technology: Sure, all of us needs to make a simple phone call to a family member or friend during working hours, or just go onto the internet to search for that  hairdresser’s phone number, but be very careful to let technology hinder you from doing what you need to be doing at work. Yes, sure, Facebook and Linked in are great networking tools – especially in an industry such as recruitment. But be very careful of being gobbled up by the net during working hours…

3.  Not placing yourself under enough pressure to meet deadlines: Targets and timeline pressures keeps us productive. By forcing ourselves to set up certain goals that needs to be reached at certain dates, makes us gain progress. By gaining progress we start to make up our targets which in turn brings in the big bucks! Make sure you know what to do. Set realistic, but strict targets and make sure to find a process that will help you reach them.

4.  Lack of personal discipline: There is nothing more unappealing than an employee that is constantly having personal crises, late for work, frequently off sick, or simply just not doing what they should be doing. You get paid to do a job. Make sure that you do what is expected of you. Work hard, work smart, show people what you are really made of by being on top of your business. You have to work hard if you want to get anywhere. To get to the top, prioritise, be on time, be present, and be available. WORK HARD.

In closing…The odds of winning the lottery are several million to one, meaning that you have a much greater chance of getting to the top by giving your job your everything. Make a conscious decision to really be at work. To really give it all you’ve got. Make your time there worth it and you will soon reap the rewards!

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