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In the full day course, “How to conduct a disciplinary inquiry”, we make use of the popular training DVD by It’s Easy Productions which was written and compiled by Gerhardt van Heerden.

This DVD can be used to train managers, supervisors and other staff on issues related to discipline in the workplace, specifically on the steps that must be followed to take disciplinary action against an employee. All the legal requirements for a fair disciplinary hearing as set out in The Labour Relations Act, 1995, are explained in the selected language medium. The practical application of the knowledge is demonstrated by scenes from a fictitious workplace, illustrating to the learner not only WHAT must be done but also HOW it must be done.

We deal with the following aspects pertaining to disciplinary hearings on the DVD and training courses:

  • How to investigate allegations
  • How to formulate a disciplinary charge with examples and exercises
  • How to notify an employee about a hearing
  • Explaining the employee’s rights
  • The disciplinary process on the day of the hearing
  • The employee’s representation during the hearing
  • Leading the evidence
  • What aspects to consider before deciding if the employee is guilty of the alleged misconduct
  • Hearing evidence in aggravation and mitigation
  • Deciding on a suitable sanction

You can download the following documents from the DVD:

  • Pro-forma Notice To Attend Disciplinary Hearing
  • Example/template of a Final Written Warning
  • Pre-training assessment with answers
  • Post-training assessment with answers
  • Pro-forma Letter Of Termination
  • Pro-forma Workrules
  • Pro-forma Notice Of Suspension

When client specific training are provided at a workplace where 5(five) or more delegates attend, a free copy of the training DVD will be supplied to the business.

You can also Order your copy today.

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