Dear Candidate

Dear Candidate

As a Recruitment Consultant that has 7 years’ experience in the industry, I have seen a lot and learnt a lot over the years.  I am happy to share some useful tips regarding the daunting task of looking for a new job, and how to make sure your recruitment consultant fights for you all the way.

I recently interviewed a candidate for a pretty high profile job.  Initially he looked outstanding on paper.  He had all the fancy wording and terminology on his CV and an extremely impressive job description. His references were all there.  He also had a very nicely worded Cover Letter (now, a Cover Letter does not usually impress me, but he pointed out all the important criteria so that I could match him easily with my key requirements).  So far so good, or so I thought…

It all went wrong when we started scheduling the interview.  First of all, he claimed that he did not have time in the coming week to meet with me, due to his current work situation.  After offering early morning or after work consultation – he still declined.  Alarm bells went off.  If something is important to a candidate, they will make time to see you, no matter what.  Already I started feeling that funny feeling in my stomach.  However, this was a complicated job description, and according to his CV he had the necessary experience. I therefore decided to accommodate him the following week.

Our meeting was scheduled for 10:00, he was late.  This was the last straw.  I was just about to draft the dreaded “Thank you for showing interest in the position, however…” email, when he decided to show up.  Highly irritated and very frustrated with the situation at hand, I decided to see him.  Maybe, I thought, just maybe he is ok.  Everyone deserves a second chance, right?  WRONG!

To keep a long and painful story short:

  • He showed up dressed in his clothes that he worked on site with.
  • He was late
  • His Copies of his documents that I requested was crumpled and dirty.
  • He was late
  • Before we discussed anything else, he wanted to talk money. HUGE passion killer.
  • He was late

Dear Candidate,

I believe that you show the same respect and ethics to me as you would to my client.  There was no way that I was going to send this candidate out to my client that trusts me.  My client, whom I assured, that I do not overpromise and under deliver.  My client that committed to exclusively work with me, because I will work hard and long hours to make sure we find the right person.  My client who pays a great deal of money to take this person on board.

Please take heed of the useful tips below.  Apply them in your next agency interview.  Make sure that your recruiter actively goes out and markets you as a “million dollar candidate”, and not leaves you with the dreaded words… “I will call you when a suitable position becomes available”.

  1. Dress the part. I need to sell you. You are my product. If I like what I see I will want to sell you. Go the extra mile with your appearance for your interview.
  2. BE ON TIME. Need I say more?
  3. Print all your documents that was asked of you when you received the agency interview invitation. Believe it or not, but this shows that you are organized and interested.
  4. If you are being interviewed for a sales position, come prepared with sales figures of the past year. If you are being interviewed for a Project Manager, bring with a list of achievements of where you have implemented cost saving initiatives or where you have implemented a new system that saved time or money.
  5. Do yourself a favour and go do research on Competency Based Interviewing…
  6. Know the name of your recruiter and who you are meeting with. Again, this shows that you are organised and interested.
  7. Make sure your CV is updated. The dates needs to correspond with your next position. Valid reasons for leaving on your CV is also of utmost importance. Please supply references that are contactable and still alive…
  8. Finally, treat your recruiter like you would treat your prospective employer. The more you give us to work with, the more likely your chances are of getting the job.

Recruiters want you to get the job.  The better you do, the better we do. It’s that simple.

Looking forward to meeting the best new you!!

Should you have any questions and wish to send your CV, please feel free to contact our Recruitment Specialist, Leande Schuster.






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